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Crew at Wheatland - September 2017

Walt, Nancy, Mike & Tom at Wheatland Music Festival - September, 2017


"Quad Productions have been our go to sound company for over ten years and have done an absolutely fantastic job. They operate three days, from early in the morning and well into the night of our three day music festival in Oscoda County.

Their equipment is top of the line. They always go above and beyond the scope of the job and their sound technicians are HUGELY popular with our performing artists. The fact that they are so easy to work with is one of the main reasons they are so successful. Their professional attitude and ability to work with all types of artists and instrumentation is a true attribute to this company and it is a huge part of our festival’s success. As a very diversified music festival, we have artists of all types and styles performing on stage and Quad always gets it right. From electric guitars, hand drums and drum sets, fiddles and banjos, pianos, vocal groups, world music with instruments you’ve never even heard of. Rock and Roll, Jam bands, country and folk, bluegrass, African music and vocal groups and singer/songwriters, Quad has the gear, the knowledge and the people to make our event shine.

Nor-East’r Music and Art Festival is proud to call Quad Productions our sound team. They are awesome."

Craig Carrick – Talent Buyer and Production
Nor-East’r Music & Art Festival/Ausable Valley Nor-East’r Association of Folk

Nor-East'r Logo

"These folks have always been great to work with. They've run sound for us at the Nor-eastr Festival and Thumbfest. Always efficient, friendly, fun and most importantly, music-loving. They know what they're doing."
Annie & Rod Capps

Annie & Rod Capps

"Quad Productions has been providing sound for Kid’s Hill since 2003. They are always there to do whatever needs to be done in order to help the performers sound their best and to make Kid’s Hill Stage the best it can be. Several years they volunteered to work extra hours on Saturday night, so we could bring an extra couple hours of entertainment to you. Other years they worked extra hours on Sunday, just so we’d be able to enjoy the talents of Main Stage performers on Kid’s Hill Stage. So how ‘bout you stop by the sound crew’s tent at the back of Kid’s Hill Stage area and thank the unheralded heroes of Kid’s Hill Stage for the awesome job that they do year in and year out for us."
Karl Bly
Wheatland Music Festival Kid's Hill Director

Wheatland Music Organization

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mike Tremblay and his wife Nancy of Quad Productions for at least fifteen years. I got to know them first in musician circles and then later as sound people.

For many years, I was the director and/or Artistic Director for the acoustic music festival called Thumbfest. I was also the President of the Blue Water Folk Society, the organization that administers Thumbfest. Thumbfest is held the Saturday of Labor Day weekend and is now going into its 19th year. It draws over 5000 people from all over the state into the beautiful village of Lexington on Lake Huron.

Mike and Nancy have been a very integral part over the years in helping make our festival a success. Without great sound, great musicians cannot sound good, no matter how good they play Quad Productions has always been a very reliable company to work with and we have used them for stages large and small. They show great attention to detail and are very attentive to the musician's needs. They also provide a great mix out front as well on stage. I say this as a festival organizer and as a musician who has played on stages mixed by Quad Productions. They communicate well and best of all, I trust them to get the job done with a minimal of oversight and if you are involved with an event of any size, you know how important that is.

Bottom line: good people who do what you need them to do. Highly recommended."

Mike Mercatante

Bluewater Folk Society

"Dear Friends,
Do you need sound reinforcement for your event? I heartily recommend Quad Productions. Mike and Nancy Tremblay and company have mixed sound for the Blue Water Ramblers and many other bands in a wide variety of challenging venues included open air stages, echo-y gymnasiums, the Wheatland dance stage and Nor-East'R Festival's Parlor Stage.
Quad Productions has optimized their state-of-the-art equipment to provide a full sound for the farthest reaches of the audience and crisp, clear monitor signals for the performers. We are pretty finicky but Mike and Nancy hear our requests during sound check and always meet our needs and expectations.
Mike and his crew are also performers and know what musicians expect from that side of the mic line: Concise communication with the sound engineer, crisp monitors mixed to the band's specs and worry-free main mix as evidenced by the cheering audience. With Quad Production's double experience the sound reinforcement system becomes invisible to the performers and audience alike.
Check out their professional website,, and call our pals Mike and Nancy for perfect sound."
Banjo-Jim Foerch & Bear Berends
The Bluewater Ramblers

Bluewater Ramblers

"I have known Mike and Nancy quite a few years and recommend their group to anyone who needs their service. I know they have done the sound for the Kids Hill Stage at the Wheatland Festival for sixteen years. I am not on the festival committee, but I know that they do a fine job there.

I am on the committee for Wheatland's Traditional Arts Weekend and they have done the sound for the Main Stage eight years and I have worked with them in this capacity. Although I can not say worked, They do the job without any work on my part!

I also know they do the sound for Parlor Stage at the Nor-East'r festival and do a great job there. They even make me sound good when I do a few songs for open mic.

Mike and Nancy, and their crew, are very capable, very good with the performers, and very friendly folks! I certainly recommend their company to anyone who needs a sound production company! If anyone has questions for me send a note to"
Mark Baumann
Wheatland Traditional Arts Committee

Wheatland Music Organization

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