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Stage Plots
This page is intended for artists we will be doing sound for, but it can be useful to any performer. It includes a "Stage Plot" sheet and a "Sound Input" sheet. Feel free to download these and use them for your own performance.

Performer / Band,
We are looking forward to doing sound at your performance. In order to make your experience and performance the best it can possibly be, we hope you will read this and provide as much information and detail as you can. The more accurate information we have, the better we can prepare and provide flawless sound and quick setup at your performance. The goal is to allow you to play music and not worry about the sound and setup.

Below you will samples of a completed Stage Plot sheet and Sound Input sheet. The easiest way to fill these out is to assign an ID# to each person and locate it on the Stage Plot. You can also put a name, but that can get crowded with more people. Then put that number on the Sound Input sheet with what is needed for that ID#.

Sample Stage Plot Sheet

The example above shows a setup for 4 people. The Stage Plot shows the relative positions of each person assigned a number. 

Sample Sound Input Sheet

The Sound Input sheet example shows the assigned ID#, Name, Type, What it is and Notes.

Below are abbreviations for “Type” that work well:
VOC – Vocal microphone
INS – Instrument microphone
XLR – 3-pin XLR cable
QTR – 1/4” Instrument cable
POW – Power
OWN – A specialty microphone you will provide. Please give some description.
If any one of these need phantom power, indicate that with an *asterisk

NOTE: If you list "DI", please indicate whether you need an XLR or 1/4" cord.

With these two sheets, we will know exactly what you need for your performance so that when you arrive, we will be prepared for your setup.

To download blank versions of these sheets, right-click on the link and select "Save As" or "Save Link As". To view the file, left-click on the link and it will open in a new tab. You can then right click on it and select "Save As" to download it.

Stage Plot Sheet
Sound Input Sheet

If you are a performer at one of our shows, fill these forms out and email them to: or mail them to the address listed under "Contact" in the menu. 

To download the full performer package that we send out, use the link below.

Performer Package

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