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Your Sound Solution for GREAT Live Sound

A Few Tips
Some things to keep in mind to make things easier for everyone and help your set go as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to let you concentrate on your performance while we worry about the sound.

Setting Up & Changeovers
- Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of your set to meet with us to verify your stage plot and needs.
- Have your instruments and equipment as ready as it possibly can be.
- Based on your submitted stage plot, we will have the basic setup programmed before the actual show so, any changes will delay your start time.
- There is 15 minutes scheduled to allow for tearing down and setting up each act. If it goes beyond that time, it will cut into the time you can play. On the other side of that, if we get ready to go sooner, you will get more time. Keeping that in mind, when you are done, PLEASE get off the stage to make room for the next act as quickly as possible. You can talk to your fans and supporters after you are off the stage.

Some Sound Tips
- If we are putting microphones on your amps, put your volume level as low as you can without losing the sound you want to get out of your amps. We can add the level you need to hear to your monitor, but if your amps are too loud, we cannot take it away from the front of house sound and it may not be mixed loud enough in the mains to carry to the back of the house. Plus, it makes it very hard if not imposssible to bring the vocals out.
- We have multiple monitor sends and should be able to satisfy your needs. Typically we try to have someone on the side of the stage to adjust the monitor mix for the first couple of songs. Look to them if you need adjustments.
- If you have a volume knob on your instrument and you are “plugging in”, adjust your volume to about 50%. This usually works well. If the signal is too weak or strong, we will let you know. Also, make sure you have good batteries in it if it uses batteries. We run into weak or dead batteries all of the time.

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