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Crew at Wheatland - September 2017

Walt, Nancy, Mike & Tom at Wheatland Music Festival - September, 2017


Mike Tremblay - Sound Engineer
Mike joined Quad Productions in 2003.
With over 35 years of live mixing experience, Mike Tremblay has mixed in almost every type of venue possible. Learning and cutting his teeth by mixing a 6-piece electric band live in bars with guitars, bass, multiple keyboards, a drum kit and a lead female vocalist then mixing multiple bands in short sets with quick changeovers and making it sound good on the “fly”, to mixing monitors on-stage at large concert venues he has heard it all and made it sound good.

His first sound engineering experience was in 1981 when he was the sound man for a band named "The Siren's" which played in various bars, clubs and halls in the Detroit Metropolitan area and Windsor and London, Ontario, Canada. He did this full time for two years before the band broke-up.

He went on to work at Charisma Studios in Dearborn, Michigan. Setting up the studio and mixing. He worked there on and off for the next two years as needed. This included recording and editing many different types of music from Blues to Rock to Punk Rock. While doing this, he also worked for Motor City Sound Systems doing sound setup and monitor engineering at such venues as Cobo Hall in Detroit and the Royal Oak Theater among others venues.

Then came a wife, kids and a “real” job. He continued doing sound for friends when asked, but stopped doing it full time. In 2000 he began to pursue sound again and has been doing it on a part time basis ever since. This includes engineering sound and providing sound systems for Thumbfest Music Festival, Sanilac Historical Society Concert Series, Blue Water Folk Society Coffeehouse, Port Sanilac Music in the Harbor, Blue Water Music Festival and many others.

In 2003, he joined Quad Productions with Nate Berends working at Wheatland Music Festival in Remus, Michigan doing sound on the Kids Stage. Nate left in 2006 and John Foerch took his place. In 2007 Quad began doing sound on the Second Stage at Nor'Easter Music Festival and in 2012, Quad took over sound at Wheatland Traditional Arts Festival on the main stage. In 2015 John Foerch left and Mike Tremblay took over all operations of Quad Productions and providing all equipment used for shows.

Mike on the board at Nor'Easter Festrival - 2018

Tom Schlichting - Sound Engineer
Tom joined Quad Productions in 2014.
He has been performing since Junior High School. Gifted with a wonderful voice and an incredible ear, Tom can hear and adjust even the smallest nuances in sound. He began "playing with the knobs" while working with his own band in the 90's. He then started running sound for other bands and has run sound for the Blue Water Folk Society's concerts and open mic events since 2001. His well-tuned ear and experience were a great addition Quad. 

Tom on the board at Nor'Easter Festrival - 2017

Nancy Tremblay - Stage Manager
Nancy joined Quad Productions in 2011.
Nancy had no sound experience besides singing with a band 1990's and listening to music her whole life. When she met Mike, she began helping with sound setup in his recording studio then, helping out with sound on stage at events until officially joining Quad in 2011. Since then she has become the key person in stage management making it all happen efficiently.

Nancy on the board at Singin' the Sixties Festrival - 2017

Walt Schlichting - Stage Technician
Walt joined Quad Productions in 2017.
Walt has years of experience. He has been playing and doing sound since he was young. He has recorded and mastered several CD's and can play most any instrument put in his hands. In 2020 Walt decided to retire from the large weekend festivals, but he is still doing the local single day events.

Walt and the crew at Wheatland - 2017

Brendan Kuras - Sound Engineer / Stage Technician
Brendan joined Quad Productions in 2021.
Brendan joins Quad with years of experience. He has been involved with the independent music scene for 20 years. Having played in a couple bands and developed an interest in audio engineering early on. He lived in the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area for a few years in his early 20s and got a sense of a much larger music scene within neighboring college towns. He took audio and live sound reproduction classes at Washtenaw Community College during his time in Ypsilanti. Eventually he came back to Port Huron and purchased a 1914 American 4 square house in historic downtown Port Huron in 2011. He named it the "SchwonkSoundStead" and began hosting local and touring musicians from across the globe. He met his good friend Randy Willis a few years later. They shared a similar ethos and passion for audio engineering and decided to build a studio into the house. It's been a wild ride and non-stop learning ever since. Especially during a time when the music industry and recording technology are constantly changing!     Website         Facebook

Brendan Kuras

Randy Willis - Sound Engineer / Stage Technician
Randy joined Quad Productions in 2022.
Randy Willis has been a musician for over 25 years as a drummer and a guitarist. Playing in local acts. He has been behind the scenes and boards since 2008 as a DJ, recording engineer, producer, booking agent, promoter and live sound technician. He is a 2013 graduate of the Recording Institute of Detroit with Music Producer, Assistant Engineering and Recording Engineer degrees. He has been with the SchwonkSoundStead DIY venue/recording studio since 2014. The SchwonkSoundstead has hosted numerous acts from all over the world both at the venue and mobile stages, as well as produced and engineered many records. Between Brendan and Randy, they have 7 local music awards ranging from Production to Venue of the year as well as personal contributions to the scene.

Randy Willis

Quad Productions was formed in 2000 by brothers Zack and Nate Berends when they got "paid" for their first gig. Zack went off to college in 2003 and Mike Tremblay took his place. That year they began working at Wheatland Music Festival in Remus, Michigan doing sound on the Kids Stage. This continues yearly to this day. In 2005, Nate went to college and John Foerch took his place. In 2007, Quad began doing sound on the Second Stage at Nor'Easter Music Festival and has ever since. In 2008, Quad expanded with the addition of Dave Rutfofske to the crew. With Dave's unexpected passing in 2010, Nancy Tremblay "officially" became part of Quad. In 2012, Quad took over sound at Wheatland Traditional Arts Festival on the main stage and has ever since. In 2014, Quad expanded again with the addition of Tom Schlichting. In 2015 John Foerch retired and Mike Tremblay took over all operations of Quad Productions and providing all equipment used for shows.  In 2016 Quad took on another festival doing sound for "60's Fest" in Port Sanilac, Michigan.  2017 saw another expansion of the crew (along with major equipment upgrades) with the addition of Walt Schlichting.  2017 also saw the return of Quad Productions doing sound at Thumbfest in Lexington, Michigan. In 2020, Walt Schlichting decided to retire from the large three-day festivals and Quad has added Brendan Kuras and Randy Willis to the crew for the multi-day festivals. 

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